The spouse has to match the following points in order to apply:

be over 18 years old;

has a certificate that confirms the German knowledge of A1.

Requirements for family reunifications

Permit to stay in the country (temporary or permanent permit);

Confirmation of the suitable living space. The space is suitable when every adult

has 12 m2 of living space and every child has 10m2. The contract signed by the landlord and the tenant will be needed as well as the detailed description of the living space (number of m2, number of rooms, the sizes of every room);

Bank account confirmation to prove that there is enough money for the family. One of other ways to prove that the family can sustain it needs - is rejection of social government support. The resident has the indisputable right to reunite with the family if the marriage was registered before his/her moving to Germany and before he/she obtained the residency. In the cases when the marriage was registered after the right of family reunification is no longer indisputable and those cases are individually investigated by the Foreign Offices and normally, this decision is made based on the prosperity of the family.

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