To become an Aussiedler (a former German who wants to return to Germany) one should apply to the Bundesverwaltungsamt BVA. This application can be either submitted to any German ministry based on the registration or a relative can do that only if he/ she has the power of attorney. These applications can be taken from German embassies or can be downloaded from the BVA website. Besides the application one should provide:

copy and a notarial translation of the birth certificate,

marriage certificate (if there is one),

divorce certificate (if there is one),

adoption certificate (if there is one)

the copy and the translation of the employment record book (for those who were born before 01.01.1974.)

After the application is sent it can take BVA up to one year to check the data, after that the applicant will be called in for an interview to make the final decision on the case.

Evidence of Belonging

The following three conditions have to be met in order for the BVA to mark one as a former German:

at least one of the parents is German;

the point above is proved by a document (ex. birth certificate);

there is a possibility of switching to German language during the interview, so the applicant should be familiar with the language.

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