At the moment obtaining permanent residency for businessmen is strongly connected with the practicably of the business for the German economy, with the benefits for the German society and the origin of the finances.


Therefore the business migration to Germany doesn't depend on the amount of money invested in a company. What is important is to register a company in Germany and present an accurate business plan, which will con rm the financial state of the company.

We suggest the following methods, which will give you the right to apply for the visa permit based on the business-migration rules.

Working Permit (self-employment)





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founding a subsidiary company

founding a new company

founding an independent company based on the branch of the investors

After you have selected a suitable way for you from the list above, our office will support you with a consultation and preparation of the necessary paperwork according to the German Law, we will arrange the registration of your new company and help you to open a bank account to be used for your business.

Working Permit (when working for someone else)

Working permit is the type of visa for working as a hired worker in a company which may or may not belong to you. Main banefits of working for another business that there are no need for the initial investments and also the price for the residence permit is lower. In some cases, depending on the company and on the contract of course, university certificate or professional knowledge of German language isn't a must, but most likely German companies will be interested in both. Here are some calculation to make it easier to understand the salary one has to get in order to apply.

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